Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?

This is an easy way of making money by sending people to our links. If you have a popular website, a YouTube video with many views, or even accounts on popular forums, simply drop the link in the URL shortener and get people to click on your short URL. Once people start clicking on your short URL, you start making money!


How much will I be paid for my shortened URLs?

All of the clicks you receive on your shortened URLs are paid out according to the country each visiting user comes from. United States generally pays out the most because it is the highest quality for advertisers. You can take a look at the exact payouts on the payout rates page.


What is the minimum payment threshold for payment?

We have 3 different ways to payout your earnings, minimum payout amount is based on payout method.


How long it takes to receive a payout?

We usually send payouts in up to 24 hours, but it could take up to 5 working days, based on the amount of payout requests we receive in the same day.


What is the policy on duplicate IP visitors?

In order to maintain high quality traffic for our advertisers and keep our payout rates as high as possible, we have to pay up to 3 views from the same IP visitors.


Can I click my own links?

Whenever a click on your link is counted, it is first checked as a fraudulent click. A fraudulent click may include; a click from your home IP address, a click from an IP address in which your account has been logged in with, clicks from proxies, clicks from bots, clicks from automated software, and/or any other type of click we determine as fraudulent. The traffic we send to our advertisers needs to be high quality and we have performance metrics built into our system to track all of our users. Traffic that is deemed as fraudulent is not of good quality and can result in a ban. We try to be as fair as possible to our users and advertisers!


Are there any important rules about where I should not post short URLs?

It is extremely important to read our Terms and Conditions as we have many important rules to keep ShortBit a high quality advertising network and keep providing the best payout rates you will find at any paid URL shortening service. If you do not abide by the Terms and Conditions, your account could be banned or warned.


What happens if my account gets banned?

If you cannot log in to your account with a message about being banned, your account will not be reinstated and all earnings forfeited. We ban users who we are very confident violated our Terms and Conditions.


What happens if my account gets a Red Flag/Warning?

If you login to your account and see a message about a Red Flag/Warning on the Payment History page, we have detected a violation of our Terms and Conditions on your account but give you one chance to contact us and appeal this decision. If you do not contact us or we deny your appeal, your earnings will be forfeited and your account Red Flag/Warning will not be removed. If we decide in your favor (which happens often due to mistakes), we will remove the Red Flag/Warning and send you your payment after the appeal. Please be aware the appeal process could take several weeks.